Weekly jazz packages for internet 2023


Weekly Jazz Packages for the Internet

Do you know how many? Weekly Jazz Packages for the Internet Are all prepaid customers available across Pakistan? Only three Jazz Internet packages are being offered. 5 GB to 15 GB Data for WhatsApp, Tamasha App, IMO, YouTube, Facebook, and BIP at very reasonable price. You can use internet data for a whole week (7 days).

You can get it quickly. Jazz Weekly Internet Package with a valid subscription-specific dialing code. After activating the weekly packages, you cannot make unlimited or free calls. You can activate Jazz monthly call package Free Facebook with 1 GB (1000 MBs). You can only use the internet facility for a specified period with a data limit.

Latest Jazz Internet Packages updated weekly on 1st January 2023.

You can choose Best Jazz Internet Package With 4G (LTE) speed. You can experience amazing internet speed and faster usage of social media apps and browsing. All data bundles are affordable, and everyone can easily subscribe to them.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 2023 [ List of Offers/Bundles ]

All Jazznet Packages Are completely internet based and will not have any extra offers like; Providing on-net, off-net and SMS for users. If you are using a prepaid SIM and looking for an internet bundle for a whole week, read all the package details below.

Jazz weekly YouTube and social offering:

Dial the code *660# to activate Jazz Weekly. YouTube and social media IMO, bundled with 5GB data for WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and BiP for just Rs. 138 inclusive of tax. This package is valid for 7 days. You can also check the package status. Subscription fee will be increased for Gwadar/Turbat customers. You can also activate this package through IVR.

Jazz weekly YouTube and social offering

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You can subscribe to this bundle at any time of the day. You can check the remaining MB by dialing the status code. This is non-recurring offer, so you need to reactivate after expiry. Please read the brief description below about the package.

Package name: Weekly YouTube and Social Package
Internet data: 5 GB (5000 MBs)
List of social media: YouTube + WhatsApp + Facebook + BIP
Membership fee: 138 Rs
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat): 204 Rs
Subscription code: *660#
Status code: *660*2#
Subscription through IVR: Dial 3111 > 1 > 5.
Right: 7 days

Jazz Weekly Package Mega Offer:

If you want to use unlimited browsing through Google, you can choose the name of another great offer. Jazz Weekly Package Mega Bundle. You can get 10 GB data including 1 GB internet data for WhatsApp specific usage. The weekly mega package is available for just Rs. 287 inclusive of tax.

Jazz Weekly Mega Package

Also check.:

Dial *159# to subscribe to Jazz weekly mega offer and get 11 GB internet for just Rs 287 for full 7 days. You can also check the remaining MB using the status code facility.

Package name: Weekly Mega Package
Internet data: 11 GB (11000 MBs)
List of social media: WhatsApp
Membership fee: 287 Rs
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat): 345 Rs
Subscription code: *159#
Status code: *159*2#
Right: 7 days

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Bundle:

If you want to get maximum internet MB then you have to opt for weekly mega plus offer which has 25 GB internet for 7 days. You can easily activate the amazing bundle by simply dialing the subscription code *453# for just Rs. 338. This package is valuable for students who are using internet for study purpose then they can chill for whole week without any stress.

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Bundle

Package name: Weekly Mega Plus Package
Internet data: 25 GB (25000 MBs)
Data usage time: 15 GB [For 24 Hours] And 10 GB [For 2 AM to 2 PM]
Additional facility: Free tamasha app
Membership fee: 338 Rs
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat): 441 Rs
Subscription code: *453#
Status code: *453*2#
Right: 7 days

Are you ready to get all the amazing jazz weekly internet packages you will enjoy after super 4G packages. You can subscribe to all these packages with subscription codes. After successful activation of weekly internet bundle you can enjoy unlimited internet for one week.

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