Wazirabad to Lahore train timing 2023


Here in this article all the details of Wazirabad to Lahore train 2023 are available. A very active railway junction is the Wazirabad railway station. 26 trains travel across the nation from Wazirabad station. 102dn Subak Raftar, 103up Subak Kharam, 104dn Subak Kharam, 117up Pindi Express, 118dn Pindi Express, 13up Awam Express, 14dn Awam Express, 1up Khyber Mail, and 225up Shaheen passenger trains are some of the popular stations. . Pakistan Railways is in charge of all these trains. Below are the train numbers, timetable, route, and real-time live status.

There are now 6 express passenger trains running daily between Lahore and Wazirabad. Rain timings of all trains from Lahore to Wazirabad on latest schedule of Pakistan Railways. Awam Express, Jafar Express, Khyber Mail, Subak Khurram, Subak Iftar and Tezgam trains run between Lahore and Wazirabad.

Wazirabad to Lahore train timing and ticket price

Train Name Departure time rent (economy) Rent (AC Lower) Rent (AC Sleeper) Rent (AC Business) Time of arrival at destination
Awam Express 4:30 p.m Rs.360 Rs.600 N/A N/A 6:25 p.m
Stall 11:30 AM Rs.360 Rs.610 Rs.740 Rs.890 1:25 p.m
Subak Iftar 7:50 p.m Rs.360 Rs.600 N/A Rs.810 9:205 p.m
Subak Haram 10:10 am Rs.360 Rs.600 N/A Rs.180 11:40 AM
Khyber Mail 5:25 AM Rs.360 Rs.600 Rs.740 Rs.870 7:40 AM
Jaffar Express 12:15 PM Rs.360 Rs.650 Rs.740 Rs.860 2:10 p.m

Lahore to Wazirabad Pakistan Railway Train Names

Awam Express
Jaffar Express
Khyber Mail
Subak Haram
Subak Iftar
Express Stall
Train Fare

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