The HEC has issued a public alert to be wary of verifying agents.


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According to the latest notification, it has strongly warned all students to avoid the agent who verifies the degree and receives the money. After the investigation, the HEC said that the student should beware of fake HEC stamps / tickets on genuine degrees and transcripts. Copies of all such degrees and counterfeit stamps may be confiscated upon submission to the HEC. The HEC plays an important role in education and regulates all higher education institutions and universities. Earlier, he noticed that some people appearing as agents offered to help applicants verify their degrees and transcripts. They deceive thousands of students who apply for scholarships, study abroad and jobs abroad.

Therefore, he said, all concerned have been advised to be very careful in this matter, and to follow the prescribed procedure for verification instead of implicating fraudulent agents. Individuals who wish to verify their degrees should visit the HEC website and follow the procedure listed on the HEC website The student should be careful and stay away from such fake agents.

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