The HEC has asked universities to promote lassi and satu to replace imported tea.


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Today, the Higher Education Commission shared unique news for students going to university. Now, HEC is issuing notifications in universities to promote Lucy and Sutu and to remove imported tea. Recently, the federal government has banned a wide range of non-essential and luxury items to reduce the national import bill. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has also made recommendations to reduce the National Import Bill.

HEC Executive Director (ED) Dr. Shaista Sohail has sent this letter to the Vice Chancellors and Rectors of all public and private universities. The HEC has suggested increasing consumption of locally produced traditional beverages such as Lucy and Suto.

The letter added that they also strive to create employment opportunities and generate income for those involved in the business. In addition, the HEC has proposed further promotion of local tea production. This will significantly reduce the cost of tea in the National Import Bill. The notification to introduce Lucy and Sutu will be sent to the Vice Chancellors of all the universities. For more details, keep in touch with us and visit the FSc online website regularly

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