The FBR has issued a new uniform code for all female officers.


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The Federal Board of Revenue has issued a notification regarding the uniforms worn by all female officers. According to the details, the FBR has made it mandatory for all female officers or officers to use light make-up in neutral colors. However, they also strictly instruct them not to wear jewelry, and their nails will not grow more than the tip of each finger. This notification applies to all customs officials and officers. The Federal Board of Revenue released the schedule on Monday. They were only allowed to wear watches that did not have a wedding or engagement ring.

They also issue Charcoal Gray Color Customs Service Uniforms (CSUs) for all ranks of Pakistan Customs Service from BS-1 to BS-22. Not only that, but they also include a uniform allowance in their pay for the purchase and maintenance of Customs Service Uniforms (CSU), Customs Field Uniforms (CFUs), and Customs Ceremonial Uniforms (CCUs). All ranks should wear service badges and medals commensurate with their level. In addition, the FBR custom replaces the official logo with “Enforce, Facilitate, Progress”. As a symbol of the state, any injury to the uniform will be considered a criminal offense.

In addition, all officers should wear belts over their jerseys for sweaters for winter uniforms. The field operation will wear a gray camouflage uniform as shown in Figure-II. Properly tying hair for female officers. The uniform should be clean, pressed and worn, complete with buttons.

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