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Telenor Share Balance Code

do you know? Telenor Share Balance Code 2023 Telenor Smart Share And how to share balance from Telenor to Telenor? You can help your friends and family when they ask for Balance Share activity. Sometimes, you have enough balance on your Telenor SIM, and you are mentally willing to share the balance, but you need to know how. Telenor Balance Share. I will share some informative ways to solve this problem, and you will not worry anymore. You can share the Telenor balance with the desired amount to another Telenor SIM number by dialing the balance transfer code. you too Check Telenor number. of your old SIM.

This method is applicable only for Telenor to Telenor Balance Share, and you cannot share balances on other networks. Before transferring credit, you should check the latest Telenor code for balance share. You can use Balance activity up to 10 times Daily you can share balance between Telenor. Rs.20 and Rs.200 in a single attempt. You can also know about Telenor Balance Save Code To easily save your credit in the phone.

How to Share Telenor Balance with Smart Code Activity

All Telenor prepaid customers can. Share Telenor Balance For other prepaid connections. All prepaid Telenor customers are eligible for balance share activity. During SmartShare Telenor Balance, only Rs 5.98 Any activity will be charged. A simple method of Telenor balance sharing is given below in a very understandable way.

Offer Name: Telenor SmartShare
Balance Share Code: *1*1*MOB NO*AMOUNT# Reply with “1” to confirm
Price: Rs 5.98
Limitations of Effort: 10 times
Balance Limit: Rs.20 to Rs.200
Internationally applicable: Yes
Telenor Helpline: 345

Note: You can share your desired Telenor amount, for example, Rs. For example 50, 0345-7986543 for any prepaid Telenor number and then type the code *1*1* in your phone dialer. Then type *1*1*03457986543and now type the amount required to share as dial. *1*1*03457986543*50# And press the call button to start the transfer process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Can you get a refund of your Telenor Balance Share if you accidentally share to any wrong number?

Reply: Telenor will not be responsible for balance share on wrong number and wrong amount.

Q.2: Is it necessary to activate Telenor SmartShare before balance sharing activity?

Reply: You can activate/subscribe to Telenor SmartShare by calling 345 or visiting the nearest franchisee.

Q.3: What is the Telenor balance share limit?

Reply: You can share a minimum amount of Rs. 20 and a maximum amount of Rs. 200 on any Telenor prepaid number.

Q.4: How many times your Telenor balance is shared in a day?

Reply: You can share Telenor balance only 10 times per day.

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