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Check online Sukkur Express train timing 2023 from this page. Sukkur Express online booking details are also available here. An express passenger train called Sukkur Express runs between Karachi and Jacobabad. Sukkur, a Pakistani city in Sindh, is the inspiration for the train’s name. Earlier its route was between Karachi and Sukkur but later it started running between Karachi and Jacobabad.

Sukkur Express Train Route

Sukkur Express has 20 stops, and covers an average distance of about 560 km. The average journey time is around 11 hours 55 minutes.

Train numbers

145UP (Karachi to Jacobabad)

146DN (Jacobabad to Karachi)

Sukkur Express Classes

Initially, it offered accommodation in Economy, AC Lower, AC Standard, and AC Sleeper classes. However, later accommodation was offered only in AC Standard and Economy classes.

Price of tickets

Sukkur Express economy class ticket price is Rs 850 (berth) and Rs 750 (seat). While AC class ticket price is 1850 rupees.

Sukkur Express Online Booking

Tickets are available at City Station ticket booths. Also, the official website of Pakistan Railways offers online booking option, which is available for passengers. Smartphone users can also download the mobile app from the Google Play Store to purchase tickets from the comfort of their homes.

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Sukkur Express Train Timing

Every day at 10:15 PM, Sukkur Express leaves Karachi and reaches Jacobabad station at 9:50 AM. It covers a distance of 570 km in 12 hours. The train departs from Jacobabad station around 7 pm and reaches Karachi at 6:25 am. There is currently no other premium service available on the route, and Sukkur Express is the only service that customers can use for transportation.

Full schedule of Sukkur Express

The station Arrival time Departure time
Karachi city 10:15 PM
Karachi Cantt 10:25 PM 10:35 PM
Drug Road 10:50 PM 10:52 PM
Landhi Junction 11:12 PM 11:14 PM
Coterie 00:55 am 01:10 AM
Hyderabad 01:25 AM 01:33 AM
Tando Adam 02:19 AM 02:22 AM
Shahdadpur 02:39 AM 02:41 AM
Nawab Shah 03:12 AM 03:15 AM
Phenomena 03:57 AM 03:59 AM
Bharia Road 04:12 AM 04:14 AM
Lakha Road 04:27 AM 04:29 AM
Mehrabpur 04:43 AM 04:45 AM
even 05:03 AM 05:05 AM
Ranipur State 05:21 AM 05:23 AM
Gambit 05:38 AM 05:40 AM
Khairpur 06:12 am 06:14 am
Rohri Junction 06:55 AM 07:15 AM
thanks 07:25 AM 07:55 AM
Shikarpur 09:00 AM 09:05 am
Jacobabad 09:50 AM

The train departs from Jacobabad station around 7 pm and reaches Karachi at 6:25 am. Following is the Jacobabad to Sukkur schedule.

The station Arrival time Departure time
Jacobabad 19:00 PM
Shikarpur 19:40 PM 19:45 PM
thanks 20:35 PM 21:15 PM
Rohri Junction 21:25 PM 21:45 PM
Khairpur 22:07 PM 22:12 PM
Gambit 22:34 PM 22:36 PM
Ranipur State 22:46 PM 22:48 PM
even 22:57 PM 22:59 PM
Mehrabpur 23:08 PM 23:10 PM
Lakha Road 23:23 PM 23:25 PM
Bharia Road 23:37 PM 23:39 PM
Phenomena 23:50 PM 23:52 PM
Nawab Shah 01:10 AM 01:15 AM
Shahdadpur 01:51 AM 01:53 AM
Tando Adam 02:20 AM 02:22 AM
Hyderabad 03:00 AM 03:05 AM
Coterie 03:20 AM 03:35 AM
Landhi Junction 05:11 AM 05:13 AM
Drug Road 05:30 AM 05:32 AM
Karachi Cantt 06:00 AM 06:10 am
Karachi city 06:25 AM

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