Sargodha University Exam Date Sheet 2022 MA/MSc, M.Com




Mathematics Computer applications Zoology Zoogeography and Paleontology Botany Plants Cell Tissue and Organ Culture (Old and New Course) Chemistry Analytical Chemistry (Minor) (Old Course) Analytical Chemistry (Additional) (New Course)



Mathematics Number theory

Physical education

Health and Environmental Sciences ivies / places in restoration and its management Curriculum Development in Physical Education Exercise Physiology Sports nutrition political science Defense and Strategic Studies (Old Course) Public Administration (New Course) Education Method of teaching Urdu Botany Plant Conservation Mana,β€’ement (Old and New Course) Zoology Fundamentals of Hematology International relations International Politics of Central Asia (Old Course) Dispute Resolution (New Course) Culinary Studies Military role in Pakistan Commerce International Finance Advanced Accounting




Monetary Theory and Policy Public Sector Economics Investment and Project Appraisal Managerial Economics Punjabi Vahran Jang-style folk literature Culinary Studies Issues and Politics of Federalism in Pakistan

International relations

Area Focused Studies Central Asia (New Course) Area-Focused Studies South Asia, (an area older than


Area Focused Studies South East Asia (Old Course) Area Focused Studies Central Asia (Old Course) Area Focused Studies, Middle East (Old Course) Area Focused Studies for East and Asia Pacific (Old


Mathematics Circles and modules political science Modem Political Thought Western (Old Course) Political Economy (New Course) Education Methods of Teaching Pakistan Studies Zoology Animal behavior Botany Environmental and Conservation Biology (New Course)


Biochemistry (Minor) (Old Course) Biochemistry (Additional) (New Course)

SOC 10 L ogy

Sociology of Gender Issues Criminology and Sociology of Deviance Social problems of Pakistan Commerce Commercial Bank Management Financial Statement Analysis Mathematicsatics Fluid mechanics political science Modem Political Thought-Muslim (old course) Pakistan Movement (New Course) Urdu Persian language and literature Arabic language and literature International relations Conflict Management and Resolution (Old Course) Area Focused Studies Asia Pacific (New Course) Culinary Studies Population problems of Pakistan Zoology Fish Physiology and Breeding Botany Biostatistics (Old Course) Biostatistics and Mathematics (New Course)




A history of economic thought Comparative economic systems Environmental Economics Agricultural Economics Political Economy and Global Order Punjabi Intercessory Drafting.

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