Sangla Hill to Lahore Train Timings 2023


In this post, we provide all the details to our visitors regarding Sangla Hill to Lahore train timings for the year 2023. 18 trains depart daily from Sangla Hill station to destinations across the country. 147up Mianwali Express, 148dn Mianwali Express, 161up 5th Eid Special, 162dn 6th Eid Special, 163up 8th Eid Special, and 164dn 7th Eid Special are some of the popular trains that stop at the station. The responsibility of managing all these trains falls on Pakistan Railways. The details below include route information, train numbers, timetables, and real-time live status.

Sangla Hill to Lahore Train Timings

There are 4 trains that run from Sangla Hill to Lahore and vice versa. These trains run continuously. Ministry of Railways of Pakistan is in charge of these trains. The names of these trains are listed below.

Badr Express

Ghori Express

Mianwali Express

Akbar Express

LHR to Sangla Hill Train Schedule 2023

Train Name Departure time rent (economy) Rent (AC Lower) Rent (AC Sleeper) Rent (AC Business) Time of arrival at destination
Akbar Express 8:45 am Rs.200 N/A Rs.360 N/A 10:15 am
Badr Express 10:30 am Rs.200 N/A Rs.360 N/A 12:05 AM
Manuali Express 11:50 AM Rs.250 N/A Rs.360 N/A 01:20 PM
Ghori Express 2:00 p.m Rs.250 N/A Rs.360 N/A 03:25 PM

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