Rehabilitation work started on damaged railway tracks


The damaged transit camp bridge connecting the city and cantonment areas is now being repaired, but the future of the project is in question after the collapse of the Punjab Assembly (PA).

The Punjab government has provided a grant-in-aid for the project, and Pakistan Railways and the Cantonment Board are helping with bridge and road repairs.

A representative of the district administration said that funding for the project has been released and the work will not stop.

A few weeks ago, the site was excavated, causing problems for road users, especially drivers heading towards Sadar from Westridge, Bakery Chowk, and nearby districts.

Railway workers who live in the nearby Railway Colony near Bakery Chowk said they too are facing difficulties in going to work.

An employee of Pakistan Railways complained that it was difficult to cycle on the road from the transit camp to the railway station early in the morning and late at night.

According to a different railway employee, people find it difficult to use the road. He claimed that the total length of the road is not more than two or three kilometers, so the administration should complete the reconstruction work as soon as possible.

When contacted, Divisional Superintendent of Pakistan Railways Inamullah told Dawn that the repair of the bridge and work on the road from the train station to the transit camp has started.

They claimed that the bridge needed urgent repairs, and the road needed to be rebuilt. However, he asserted, the Cantonment Board and the city government should close the bridge for heavy traffic after repairing and constructing the road. He said that the bridge would only be suitable for minor traffic.

According to him, this bridge can be used for the next 25 years if large vehicles are banned.

It may be noted that last year Pakistan Railways closed the crumbling bridge on its main track between Rawalpindi and Peshawar after the district government and cantonment authorities refused to repair it.

After its wall collapsed in September, railway officials deemed the bridge unsafe. As a result of the closure of the bridge, people are facing difficulties as they have to walk a long distance to access the cantonment areas, especially to Peshawar Road.

Travelers traveling between the city and the cantonment districts cross the bridge over the railway track, which serves as the boundary between the two.

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