Notification of Sindh regarding extended honorarium for NCHD and BECS teachers


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Extended gratuity for NCHD and BECS teachers in Sindh

The Sindh Education Department (SELD) has issued a notification to extend the honorarium of NCHD and BECS teachers. For this purpose, Sindh Government Cabinet held a meeting and decided to continue the engagement of NCHD and BECS teachers on Honorary basis. However, below are the complete terms and conditions for National Commission of Human Development (NCHD) and Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) teachers.

  • The extension of service of NCHD and BECS teachers will be at 5% fixed pay with annual increments of Rs.25000/month till the age of 55 years.
  • They can apply for casual leave for two days/month and 24 days in a year without encashment.
  • They will be paid maternity leave for 90 days and sick/medical leave for 15 days in a year.
  • The department will evaluate the performance of the teachers as per the prescribed evaluation criteria.
  • These services are not pensionable and will not be regularised.
  • Apart from 5% increase, there will be no admissible increments/allowances.
  • The Department will deduct teachers’ salaries for unauthorized absence.
  • The department will terminate the services of the teachers on absence of teachers for more than 90 days.

However, below is the notification of Sindh Education Department regarding honorarium of NCHD and BECS teachers. So, you can check the notification for complete details.

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