Nadra Biker Service for Identity Card


Nadra Biker Service

National Database and Registration Authority has officially launched. Nadra Biker Service in Pakistan. Main purpose of introduction Nadra Bike Service To facilitate the general public for quick processing of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). This facility is very helpful for those who cannot visit NADRA Office For any reason and they need it. NADRA Services On their doorstep. Now, NADRA will take all steps to generate ID card at your doorstep. You can schedule your appointment for Nadra Biker by dialing the helpline number.1777“From 051-111-786-100. New service of Biker Nadra Available in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but after December 2022 you will get this facility in your city.

NADRA has launched a new feature of NADRA Bike Service to provide ID card processing at your doorstep without visiting NADRA offices. As we already know that NADRA has already started the facility of “Mobile Registration VanBut these are very less in number that’s why NADRA has now started a more efficient BIKER service.. Nadra Smartphone Service It will be launched very soon in the future after the inauguration of the Prime Minister of Pakistan..

Nadra Biker service is available in cities.

As we already know that the new Nadra Biker service has been launched a few days ago that’s why recently the Nadra Biker service facility is available in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. But all the facilities of Nadra Biker It will be available in all cities of Pakistan till the date of January 2023.

  1. Rawalpindi
  2. Islamabad
Serial Number. Biker service is available in the following areas.
1 Sector G-5,6 and F-5,6
2 Sector G-7,8 and F-7,8
3 Sector G-9,10,11,13,14
4 Sector F-10,11, E-7,8,9,11
5 I-8,9,10 & H-8,9,12,13
6 DHA Phase II, III and V
7 Bahria Town Phase I to VI
8 Bharia Town Phase VII, VIII and DHA-I
9 Askari I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII, X, XII and Askari Villas
10 Chaklala Cantt and Chaklala Scheme I, II and III

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How to Apply for Nadra Biker Service

Now, you can easily get appointment for Nadra Biker service by dialing 1777 from mobile (051-111-786-100).

  • Applicant can get his booking from NADRA call center.
  • The applicant will receive a confirmation SMS with complete details.
  • Registration Executive of NADRA will visit the applicant’s place with relevant requirements.
  • 1000 will be charged from the applicant in addition to the registration fee of Rs.
  • Immediate action will be taken to provide the required registration documents.
  • Registration documents will be delivered to your home by courier service.
  • NADRA Registration SOPs will be implemented.

Nadra Biker Service for Identity Card

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