Mianwali Express Train Timing 2023 Ticket Price and Online Booking


Check Online Mianwali Express Train Timing 2023 Ticket price and online booking details are available here. A train called Mianwali Express travels in Pakistan, departing from Kandian and arriving at Rawalpindi. There is a local Pakistani train that runs from Maari Indus to Lahore and Shaheenabad via Mianwali, Dawood Khel, Kandian, Sargodha, Khushab, Chiniot, Sangla Hill, Sheikhupura and Shahdara.

Mianwali Express Train Timing 2023

stop Arrival departure
Indian Ocean Get started. 20:00
Play the game. 20:25 20:28
Pai Khel 20:42 20:45
Mianwali 21:05 21:08
Kandyan 21:40 22:10
Vanbhacharan 22:32 22:36
Quaidabad 22:55 22:58
Khushab 23:45 23:48
Sargodha 00:40 01:00
Shaheenabad 01:27 01:30
Chinyut 02:15 02:17
Sangla Hill 03:07 03:10
Sheikhupura Fort 03:50 03:5
Shahdara Bagh 04:38 04:40
Lahore 05:10 finished

Name of Mianwali Express Stop

According to Pakistan Railways, Mianwali Express has the following train numbers: 147 Up Mianwali to Lahore, and 148 Down Lahore to Mari Indus. This train takes about 9 hours to travel the entire kilometer. Mianwali Express 147 Up has 10 stations and Mianwali Express 148 DN has 10 stops.


Economy and AC lower standard classes are available on Mianwali Express. It has private bedroom quarters and separate sitting rooms. You can use the soaked passenger seat as a sleeping cushion whenever you want to soak. It is fully hygienic and has a dining and catering area.

Mianwali Express Fare:

Train Name Economy seat The birth of the economy AC standard
Mianwali Express 680/- 830/- 1460/-

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