Lahore to Sargodha Train Timings 2023


Here in this post, we provide our visitors all the details for Lahore to Sargodha train timings for the year 2023. Nine trains depart from Sargodha station and cover the entire country. Popular trains departing from the station are 12dn Hazara Express, 135up Chenab Express, 136dn Chenab Express, 147up Mianwali Express, 148dn Mianwali Express, 17up Malat Express, 18dn Malat Express, and 81up First Eid Special. All these trains are under the control of Pakistan Railways.

Sargodha Express is a train that runs across Pakistan. Pakistan Railway train numbers for Sargodha Express are Lahore to Sargodha 124 and Sargodha to Lahore 123 up. This train covers a distance of 108 km in just 4 hours. Both Sargodha Express 123 UP and 124 DN have 16 stops. Sargodha Express has only one economy class.

Lahore to Sargodha Train Timings

Name of the stop At the time of arrival Departure time
Lahore Get started. 16:15
Shahdara Bagh Jun 16:31 16:33
Fort Sheikhupura Jn 17:05 17:07
Farooqabad 17:20 17:23
Bahalik 17:35 17:37
Safdarabad 17:46 17:49
moment 17:59 18:02
Sangla Hill Jn 18:10 18:12
Darul Ahsan 18:20 18:23
Sahyanwala 18:29 18:32
The constellation 18:45 18:48
Chonot 19:04 19:07
Chenab Nagar 19:17 19:20
The blushes 19:30 19:33
Nishtarabad 19:55 19:58
Shaheenabad Jn 20:15 20:17
Chirnali 20:32 20:34
Sargodha Junction 20:45 finished

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