Lahore to Jhelum Train Timings 2023


Check online Lahore to Jhelum train timings for year 2023 from here. All train schedules are available here. 25 trains travel from Jhelum station to destinations across the country. Some of the popular trains running from the station include 102dn Subak Iftar, 103up Subak Khurram, 104dn Subak Khurram, 117up Pindi Express, 118dn Pindi Express, 11up Hazara Express, 12dn Hazara Express, 13up Awam Express, and A1MN Express. .

All these trains are under the control of Pakistan Railways. Check Lahore and Jhelum Railway Station daily for train arrival and departure. Train numbers, schedules, routes, and current live statuses are listed here.

Lahore to Jhelum Train Timings 2023

Train Name Departure time Time of arrival at destination
Awam Express 6:20 am 10:00 am
Stall 1:15 p.m 4:15 p.m
Subak Iftar 7:10 am 9:50 a.m
Subak Haram 4:35 p.m 7:15 p.m
Khyber Mail 7:40 p.m 11:10 p.m
Jaffar Express 8:25 am 11:47 AM

Names of Lahore to Jhelum Trains

Awam Express
Jaffar Express
Khyber Mail
Subak Iftar
Express Stall

Khyber Mail Timings Lahore to Jhelum

The Khyber Mail Express train departs from Gujarat Railway Station at 6:00 AM. Although the Khyber Mail reaches Lahore Railway Station at 8 am.

Subak Iftar hours from Lahore to Jhelum

It is 9:00 am when Subak Iftar departs from Jhelum station. While the arrival time of Lahore Railway Station is 11:55 AM.

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