Lahore to Islamabad Train Ticket Price 2023


Are you looking for Lahore to Islamabad train ticket price for the year 2023? Then tap this page. All details are available here. The journey from Lahore to Rawalpindi and Islamabad has become easier with the departure of 4 trains from Lahore Junction to Islamabad Train Station. The fastest railway Rawal Express travels to Rawalpindi in about 4 hours 15 minutes. The slowest and most expensive train, Tezgam, travels there in about 5 hours and 45 minutes.

All the trains departing from Lahore station and going to Rawalpindi/Islamabad station in Pakistan are included in the table below as their fares. Complete and in-depth information on Pakistani train fares and ticket prices. Air conditioning, first class sleeper, business, standard, and economy class fares for Lahore to Rawalpindi flight tickets are less expensive. We compile this information carefully from reliable sources, but since there is always the possibility of human error, it should be used as a guide only. For the latest and correct fare, please contact the nearest railway booking office. Train tickets can be purchased online. The schedule, costs and duration of these tours are as follows:

Lahore to Islamabad train ticket price

Train Name Economy seat The birth of the economy AC Business AC standard AC sleeper
Awam Express 1200/- 1450/- 1300/-
Green line 1250/- 1400/- 2350/-
Islamabad Express 120/- 1400/- 1200/- 1100/- 1450/- (Parlor)
Jaffar Express 120/- 1300/- 2000/- 1300/- 2600/-
Khyber Mail 1250/- 1350/- 1600/- 1300/- 2400/-
Rawal Express 1250/- 1400/- 1200/- 1100/- 1450/- (Parlor)
Subak Khurram 1250/- 1400/- 1200/- 1100/- 1450/- (Parlor)
Subak Iftar 1250/- 1400/- 1200/- 1100/- 1450/- (Parlor)
Express Stall 1250/- 1400/- 2000/- 1300/- 2600/-

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