Lahore to Gujarat Train Timings 2023


Check online Lahore to Gujarat train timings for the year 2023 from here. All train timings are available here. A total of 6 trains run daily between Lahore and Gujarat. Ministry of Pakistan Railways is in charge of these trains.

Awam Express, Jafar Express, Khyber Mail, Subak Khurram, Subak Iftar, and Tezgam Express are the names of these trains. Each train has a unique schedule. Here are the ticket prices available for Economy Burn, Air Conditioned Class, AC Business, AC Standard, AC Lower, and AC Sleeper Class.

At 6:30 am, Awam Express departs from Lahore train station. Awam Express reached Gujarat Railway Station at 9:30 AM. Tezgam train departs from Lahore train station at 1:15 PM. The Tezgam Express train will arrive at Gujarat Railway Station at 4:15 PM.

Lahore to Gujarat Train Timings

Train Name Departure time
Awam Express 6:30 in the morning
Stall 1:15 p.m
Subak Iftar 7:05 AM
Subak Haram 4:25 p.m
Khyber Mail 7:40 p.m
Jaffar Express 8:20 am

Lahore to Gujarat train ticket price

Train Name Economy seat The birth of the economy AC Business AC standard Parlor car AC sleeper
Awam Express 550/- 650/- 880/-
Jaffar Express 700/- 850/- 1450/- 950/- 1650/-
Khyber Mail 750/- 800/- 1450/- 950/- 1590/-
Subak Khurram 600/- 750/- 900/- 950/- 1050/-
Subak Iftar 600/- 650/- 600/- 750/- 1050/-
Express Stall 600/- 650/- 1450/- 750/- 1650/-

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