Important Update about Educators Jobs 2023 for 25000 Vacancies


This is an important update regarding Teacher Recruitment by Punjab School Education Department. In the last months of his CMship, former Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi approved the recruitment of 25000 instructors.

As per the latest information, Punjab School Education Department is now accepting applications from Testing Management Services including NTS, OTS, PTC, and CTS for the job related written test.

Pursuant to its constitutional mandate, the Government of Punjab is committed to guarantee 100% enrollment and retention of all students between the ages of 5 and 16 and to provide them with high quality education.

In light of this, the Department of School Education has planned to hire 25,000 teachers (BS-14 and 15) mainly in schools which are facing acute shortage of teachers.

It has been decided that the interested candidates must attend/appear for a test which will be conducted by a reputed testing/management firm/company hired/appointed by the Schools Education Department. will go before they submit their applications for the open posts of school teachers. teachers).

ESE and SESE educators will be recruited by the Punjab government through standardized testing organizations, while PPSC will select candidates for CSSE educators.

Important Update about Educators Jobs 2023 for 25000 Vacancies

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