HEC has introduced entrepreneurship and export marketing courses.


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Entrepreneurship and Export Marketing Courses

Recently the Higher Education Commission has been directed to introduce entrepreneurship and export marketing courses in universities. For this purpose, the Minister of Planning Development and Special Initiatives spoke and asked the universities to include these courses as compulsory subjects in the curriculum. Therefore, in introducing entrepreneurship and export marketing courses, every student has to take and pass this course compulsorily.

During this discussion, the Minister of the Ministry expressed the importance of these subjects and asked the HEC to introduce them. He directed the commission to advance university education by introducing courses that meet the requirements of the modern world. He also talked about redesigning the curricula of the universities and improving them to modernize them.

Ahsan Iqbal, Minister of the Ministry, said that the youth should have access to learn modern and trendy skills to compete in the world. So the education department should take it seriously and take appropriate steps to modernize the curriculum.

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