Extension of contract of Headmasters posted through IBA test in Sindh

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Extension of contract period of Headmasters in Sindh

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The Sindh Education Department has recently issued a notification regarding extension of the contract of Head Masters / Head Mistresses. According to the notification, the Sindh government has approved a six-month extension in the contract period of the heads of institutions appointed through IBA Sukkur test. However, the Sindh Education Department published the notice after the approval of the competent authority, namely the Chief Minister of Sindh.

The notice also states that the term will be calculated from the expiration date of the contract as Headmaster / Headmistress (BS-17) in each individual case.

As such, all candidates now appearing for the IBA Sukkur test will serve as Headmasters / Headmistresses for another six months. Below we have also attached the official notification of Sindh Education Department for extension of contract period.

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