Ehsaas Nashnuma Program January 2023 Online Registration


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Ehsaas Nashnuma Program January 2023 Online registration has been launched to address malnutrition and improve nutrition among the poorest children in Pakistan. Ehsaas program It is the biggest welfare initiative of the Government of Pakistan.

The first Ehsaas Nashnuma Center was established in Tehsil Jampur, Rajanpur. Prime Minister Imran Khan will announce. Senseless Centers Tomorrow all over Pakistan 33 National Centers in 09 Districts In the first phase, it will be established across the country.

Each Ehsaas Nashnooma center has separate information desks and rooms for Ehsaas online registration, awareness creation, compliance monitoring, check-ups and anthropometry, besides having ATMs for cash withdrawal. Prime Minister will launch this program soon.

Ehsaas Nashnuma Program Online Registration January 2023

The Prime Minister visited the EHSAS registration center and interacted with the beneficiaries at the special nutrition distribution points. Dr. Sania Nishtar SAPM Poverty Reduction and Social Protection apprised the Prime Minister about the many services provided through the Ehsaas Duksha program. She is the director of the Android-based Ehsaas Nashonoma app, which will allow electronic registration and tracking for beneficiary women and children below 23 months.

It is one of the 33 centers of Ehsaas Nashnoma, the new Ehsaas Nutrition and Health Conditional Cash Transfer Program. Upper Dir District is one of the 9 districts where this program is being launched and it is one of the 6 centers in Upper Dir Bala District.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan PTI will today launch Ehsaas Nashunoma, a new conditional cash transfer program aimed at addressing stunting and malnutrition among children under 2 years of age across the country. Ending malnutrition has long been a priority of the Prime Minister.

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What is Ehsaas Nashunma 2023?

The main objective of the Ehsaas Nashunoma program is to facilitate the pregnant women through nutrition and work for the health of the babies in the first 1000 days. The most important task is to take care of children at the age of two years as this is the most critical period. All pregnant women can get Ehsaas Nashunoma Cash. 2,000 (for boys) and Rs. 1,500 (for girls). Beneficiaries will be nominated by eligibility. Ehsaas program.

What is the sense of nashonoma?

Benefits of Ehsaas Nashnooma Program January 2023:

  • Eligible women are also provided with 3 monthly Ehsaas Nashunoma Cash Scholarships
  • You can get cash through ATM machines installed at Ehsaas Centres.
  • Ehsaas Nashnooma Cash will be provided after biometric verification.
  • Ehsaas total cash, in case of boy Rs. 2000 and for a girl is Rs. 1500
  • Optimal care through nutrition for pregnant women
  • Critical care for children under 2 years of age

Benefits of Ehsaas Nashnooma Program 2021

Ehsaas Nashnuma Program January 2023 Registration

The registration process of Ehsaas Development Program 2023 has started. You have two options to apply online which are listed below.

  1. Apply through Ehsaas Nashnuma Program App.
  2. Apply online through the official website of Ehsaas Nashnuma.

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List of Ehsaas Nashunoma Registration Centers:

In the first phase of Ehsaas development, registration centers have been set up in a total of 14 districts.

  1. Rajapur
  2. Khanewal
  3. Khyber
  4. late
  5. non discipline
  6. Lasbella
  7. the garden
  8. Hattian Bala
  9. Khurming
  10. Qatar
  11. Goshawk
  12. much more
  13. Dice
  14. Islamabad

Districts are selected on the basis of high stunting rates and in collaboration with provincial health departments.

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