Apply for BISP Cheap Petrol and Diesel Scheme 2023 through SMS.


The Prime Minister of Pakistan announced. BISP Cheapest Petrol, Cheapest Diesel Scheme 2023. All employees who are meeting. 40,000 salary below Rs Eligible to apply through per month. SMS to 786 Ehsaas program.. amount of Rs.2000/month Eligible persons will be provided as Subsidy on petrol.

gave PM Petrol Relief Package Will be provided after verification or testing. In the financial year 2023, a total of 1 billion 28 billion families will benefit from this aid package.

If you are the only person (male/female) working in any department and your salary is less than Rs. 40,000 then you are eligible to get it. BISP amount All in favor of petrol subsidy 8 million families People already registered with BISP are also eligible for PM. Petrol Diesel Relief Scheme.

Latest News of 01-01-2023: BISP Amount Rs. 2000 80 lakh BISP has been transferred to the accounts of Ehsaas beneficiaries under the Cheap Petrol Diesel Scheme. So far, 2.4 lakh families have received an installment of about Rs 4.88 billion. Beneficiaries registered under Benazir Kafalat Program who have not yet received the installment of Rs. 2000 are requested to collect their installment from their nearest payment centers. 8 million people are registered in the Ehsaas BISP programme. 21.58 million families have so far received a relief package of Rs. 2000 through BISP Ehsaas Sasta Petrol Program 2023.

Amount distributed to all provinces
Province Beneficiary Amount distributed
AJK 80,884 70,458,000
Balochistan 378,976 307,916,000
Gilgit-Baltistan 71,504 64,300,000
Islamabad 5221 1,844,000
KPK 1,395,056 1,706,314,000
Punjab 3,482,147 3,678,164,000
Sindh 2,024,087 2,953,132,000

All eligible women of BISP program who have recently received Rs. 14,000 is also under consideration for the BISP cheap petrol scheme and an amount of Rs. 2000 has been sent in their account details. You can collect BISP cheap petrol scheme cash from the nearest ALFA shop from tomorrow.

All those who are facing. Delay in receiving reply SMS from 786 Under the cheap petrol cheap diesel scheme. Please wait, you will receive a reply SMS as soon as possible as we have received one. A large number of messages. Your SMS reply is in a queue. Your First the identity card is verified. Hence the reply SMS will be put on delay. you will Receive reply SMS. as soon as possible.

Eligibility for BISP Cheap Petrol/Cheap Diesel Package 2023

Similarly, there is a very simple criterion. BISP support And A sense of patronage program and you can also get subsidy on petrol because New Petrol Prices An increase of Rs 60 in a few days will provide Rs 20 crore to the Benazir Income Support Program. 2000 from BISP Registration Centers in your district.

In BISP Petrol Relief Program, you can send head of your family i.e. mother, aunt etc. for registration and only the lady of the household will receive the BISP amount. 5% subsidy will be provided to eligible women after completion of income verification.

A few simple criteria are listed below.

  • BISP members are already eligible.
  • Only one person per family will be eligible.
  • Married/Widow women will be encouraged.
  • If no female is available in the family, a male is considered eligible.
  • Your BISP payment will be provided after completion of verification.

How to Apply for BISP Cheap Petrol Diesel Scheme 2023

Simply applying for the BISP Cheap Petrol Diesel Scheme is very easy. Send your ID card to 786.. After receiving your SMS you will be verified very soon and you will get a reply regarding your eligibility.

After receiving SMS from BISP, money will be collected from all residences in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. HBL Bank And the residences of KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir will get the BISP assistance. Al Falah Bank.

Note: All individuals or families who have not submitted information in NSR but are eligible should visit your nearest BISP registration desk to verify your eligibility.

BISP Cheap Petrol and Diesel Scheme 2022

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