AIOU Assignments Schedule 2023 Matric, FA, BA, MA, MPhil


If you are searching the most authentic and updated information about AIOU assignments schedule 2023 for Matric, FA, BA, B.Ed, BS, MA/MSc, MEd, M.Phil and PhD. You can check here the latest schedule of assignments submission for Spring and Autumn semesters. The AIOU is the Pakistan largest organization that provides the home based education in which thousands millions of students (Female and Male) are getting their education from home. The assignments are also included in every educational program but the number of assignments depend on the degree. It is a golden opportunity for every student to get high marks in assignments just following the guidelines of solving assignments according to the question papers.

You must keep in mind the last date for the completion of assignment and receive at your AIOU Tutor address before the deadline. I will advice you to keep visiting our portal to get additional update regarding revision or extension of last date or assignment date.

AIOU Assignments 2023 Schedule (Updated)

As we already knows that the Allama Iqbal Open University announces two time admissions (Autumn & Spring) in every year. There are different schedule for every semester.

Latest AIOU Assignment News on 1st January 2023:

  • AIOU BA Assignment Schedule 2023: The Allama Iqbal Open University has announced the latest schedule of AIOU BA assignment submission schedule 2023 according to the AIOU Autumn Semester 2022. Please follow the below schedule for submission of BA assignments;  [ New ]

AIOU B.A Assignments Submission Schedule: Autumn 2023 Semester

6-Credit Hours Course Due Date 3-Credit Hours Course Due Date
Assignment No.1 20-01-2023 Assignment No.1 15-02-2023
Assignment No.2 15-02-2023
Assignment No.3 15-03-2023 Assignment No.2 14-04-2023
Assignment No.4 14-04-2023

AIOU B.A Assignments Submission Schedule Autumn 2022 Semester

  • AIOU Extends Matric, FA Assignments 2022 Submission Date: It is notified for all the concerned that keeping in view the prevailing situation across the country, the Director General Regional Services has graciously extended the deadline for submission of assignments or Matric and FA programs for Semester Spring-2022. The revised date is as given below:
Programs Credit Hours Assignment No Revised Date
Matric and FA 03 2 13-9-2022
06 4

All Regional Heads are requested to intimate the tutors accordingly. The information must be circulated among the students and the same may also be displayed on notice boards Of the office and study/ workshop centers etc.

AIOU Extends Matric, FA Assignments 2022 Submission Date

The Allama Iqbal Open University has officially announced the assignment schedule of Matric, FA, I.Com, B.Ed, ADE, BS, BBA, Associate Degree, PGD, MA, M.Ed and MSc;  [ New ]

Assignment Schedule For PGD/MA/M.ED/MSCProgram: Autumn 2023 Semester

Assignment No. Due Date
1st 27-02-2023
2nd 03-04-2023

Assignment Schedule For BS/Associate Degree/BBAProgram: Autumn 2023 Semester

BS (Arabic) BS (Islamic Studies)
BS (Urdu) BS (Pakistan Studies)
BS (English) BS (Gender & Women Studies)
BS (Library and Information Sciences) BS (Mass Communication)
BS (Instructional Design & Technology) Associate Degree (Business Administration
BBA (4-Years) BS (Instructional Design & Technology)
Assignment No. Due Date
1st  13-02-2023
2nd 03-04-2023

Assignment Schedule For B.Ed/ADEProgram: Autumn 2023 Semester

B.Ed (1.5 Years) B.Ed (1.5 Years)
B.Ed (4 Years) ADE (2 Years)
B.Ed (Arabic)
Assignment No. Due Date
1st  20-02-2023
2nd  03-04-2023

AIOU Matric, FA/I.Com Assignments Schedule – Program: Autumn 2023 Semester

6-Credit Hours Course Due Date 3-Credit Hours Course Due Date
Assignment No.1 05-12-2022 Assignment No.1 31-12-2022
Assignment No.2 31-12-2022
Assignment No.3 25-01-2023 Assignment No.2 25-02-2023
Assignment No.4 25-02-2023

AIOU Matric, FA/ICom Assignments Schedule Autumn Semester 2022

  • AIOU Autumn 2022 Assignments Schedule: The underlying steps are followed for submission of assignment schedule;
Class/Program First Assignment Submission Last Date 2nd Assignment Submission Last Date
Matric 01-02-2023 28-02-2023
F.A 01-02-2023 28-02-2023
B.A 15-02-2023 15-04-2023
B.Ed 20-02-2023 03-04-2023
BS 13-02-2023 03-04-2023
MA/M.Ed 27-02-2023 10-04-2023
  • 8613 Workshop: Final submission link on LMS is provided to students. Check online 8613 course on your own LMS portal. Deadline for students who were offered workshop in Jan, 2022 is 30th April and for those who were offered in March, 2022 is 15th May. Students are advised to visit their portal.
  • AIOU Assignment Portal: Assignment portal is up now after routine maintenance. Students can now UPLOAD B.Ed ,Masters assignments accordingly without waiting last date.
  • Autumn-21 phase 2 programs: Assignment portal shall remain off due to technical reasons/ incorporating grading components. It may take few days. After this routine maintenance, portal will be live for assignment upload as well. First assignment can b uploaded on 2nd assignment’s due date.
  • AIOU Autumn-21 Extension in Assignment Submission: It is to inform that submission date of 1st assignment (phase 2,ODL programs ) has been extended. One can now UPLOAD 1st assignment with Second assignment.
  • Assignments Autumn-21 Submission Date: Hope students have completed 1st Assignment. It is informed that submission date of said assignment (phase 2,ODL programs) has been extended. One can now upload 1st assignment within 3 days of opening of portal.
  • AIOU Autumn-21 Assignment Submission Target Date: The assignment submission option shall be activated in due course of time. Keep your assignments ready so that you may upload 1st assignment upon activation. Extension shall be granted, if required.
  • Extension in Submission of Assignment Deadline Matric & FA: Allama Iqbal Open University has extended the latest date for submission of assignment date for Matric and FA students which are studying in Semester Autmn-21. All the students can submit their all assignment at a time before the deadline. The last date for Matric and FA assignment is 28th February 2022.
  • The Assignment marks of B.A/AD programme for Spring 2021 are updated on AIOU website. The Students can check marks detail on the link below;

The Directorate of Regional Services, AIOU has issued the new assignment schedule given below;

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How To Join Online Workshops with LMS & Microsoft Teams Platform

  1. AAGHI LMS will remain in use as previous practice it will allow the user to integrate automatically with Microsoft Teams.
  2. Password shall be sent in SMS by AIOU to all the students at their Registered cell numbers.
  3. Students are required to download Microsoft Teams application either in their computers or in their cell phone.
  4. Installed the application and enter your username and ID received in SMS and login to the installed MS Teams application
  5. Open link in browser and enter the same username and ID received in SMS from AIOU.
  6. To activate or integrate MS Teams through AAGHI LMS; once logged in to AAGHI LMS on the right upper corner and in search option write “Microsoft Teams testing* and enter. Click on the button “Microsoft Teams testing” appeared in next window. It will enable to launch MS Teams. Now in chat box write word “Hi” and the enter. This step will enable to activated your account.
  7. Remember both application AAGHI LMS & Microsoft Teams shall be activated and launched parallel to connect in online workshops.

How To Join Online Workshops with LMS & Microsoft Teams Platform

B.Ed & ADE Assignment Schedule Autumn 2023 Semester

B.Ed (1.5 Years) B.Ed (2.5 Years)
B.Ed (4 Years) ADE (2 Years)
Assignment No. Due Date
1st 20-2-2023
2nd 03-04-2023

Assignment Schedule Autumn 2022

BS Assignment Schedule Autumn 2023 Semester

BS (Arabic) BS (Islamic Studies)
BS (Urdu) BS (Pakistan Studies)
BS (English) BS (Gender & Women Studies)
BS (Library and Information Sciences) BS (Mass Communication)
BS (Instructional Design & Technology) Associate Degree (Business Administration
BBA (4-Years) BS (Instructional Design & Technology)
Assignment No. Due Date
1st  13-02-2023
2nd 03-04-2023

Assignment Schedule Autumn 2023 PGD/MA/M.ED/MSC (ODL) Programs

Assignment No. Due Date
1st  27-02-2022
2nd 10-04-2022

Note: For workshop schedule, please login to your LMS account or visit Your login credential will be sent to your provided contact number via SMS by AIOU.

AIOU Assignments 2023 Schedule

Instructions For Writing of Assignments

Please read the following instructions for writing your assignments.

(AD, BS, BEd, MA/MSc, Med,ATTC) (ODL Mode)

    1. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks but within a question, the marks are distributed according to its requirements.
    2. Read the question carefully and then answer it according to the requirements of the question.
    3. Avoid irrelevant discussion/information and reproducing from books, study guide or allied material.
    4. Hand written scanned assignments are not acceptable. However, the students who attempt their assignments in Urdu/Arabic may upload a scanned copy of their hand written assignments (in PDF format) on University LMS. The size of the file should not exceed 5 MB.
    5. Upload your typed (in Word or PDF format) assignments on or before the due date.
    6. Your own analysis and synthesis will be appreciated.
    7. Late assignments can’t be uploaded at LMS.

How To Write AIOU Assignments 2023 in Urdu

برائے  مہربانی امتحانی مشقیں حل کرنے سے پہلے درج ذیل ہدایات کو غور سے پڑھیے۔

ہدایات برائے طلباء ایسوسی ایٹ ڈگری، بی ایس، بی ایڈ، ایم اے، ایم ایس سی، ایم ایڈ،اےٹی ٹی سی (ODLموڈ)

۔    تمام سوالات کے نمبر مساوی ہیں البتہ سوال کی نوعیت کے مطابق نمبر تقسیم ہوں گے۔

۔    سوالات کو توجہ سے پڑھیے اور سوال کے تقاضے کے مطابق جواب تحریر کیجیے۔

۔    ہاتھ سے تحریر شدہ یا سکین (scanned)کی گئی امتحانی مشقیں قبول نہیں کی جائیں گی۔ صرف اردو اور عربی میں اپنی مشقیں حل کرنے والے طلبہ اپنی ہاتھ سے لکھی ہوئی مشق سکین کر کے اپنے LMSپورٹل پر اَپ لوڈ کر سکتے ہیں۔ فائل کازیادہ سے زیادہ سائز MBہونا چاہیئے۔

۔    ٹائپ کی گئی امتحانی مشقیںword)یا PDFفارمیٹ) میں LMSپر بروقت یا مقررہ تاریخ سے قبل اَپ لوڈ کیجیے۔

۔    مقررہ تاریخ کے بعد/تاخیر کی صورت میں امتحانی مشقیں اپ لوڈ نہ ہو سکیں گی جس کی تمام تر ذمہ دار ی طالب علم پر ہو گی۔

۔    آپ کے تجزیاتی اور نظریاتی طرزِ تحریر کی قدر افزائی کی جائے گی۔

۔    غیر متعلقہ بحث / معلومات اور کتب، سٹڈی گائیڈ یا دیگر مطالعاتی مواد سے ہو بہو نقل کرنے سے اجتناب کیجیے۔

Instructions for Students for Attempting/Submission of Assignments on LMS

  • Avoid purchased assignments, assignments copied from internet sources, colleagues or copying from guide book. (While writing from book or from internet resources, rephrase the content in your own words).
  • Remember that similarity of assignments may make you liable of failing in that assignment.
  • Avoid using word spin software or multiple translations to rephrase as it changes the meaning and context of the sentence.
  • Give inline references within the answer you are providing and give list of references at end of each question for consulted resources as per APA Manual.
  • Assignment 1 and 2 should be uploaded separately on or before closing date. Do not upload assignment 1 and 2 as a combined file.
  • Ensure that you are submitting correct file at correct place i.e. assignment 1 under assignment 1 tab of LMS.
  • Keep the size of the file as minimum as possible to facilitate upload/download.
  • Preferably typed assignments in MS Word or PDF format should be submitted. However, handwritten assignments can also be scanned and uploaded in PDF format. Following may be noted for such scans:
  1. Preferably use scanner to scan the assignments. If Cam Scanner on mobile phone is used, make sure that page being scanned is flat on surface. Crop and straighten where required and make a PDF file.
  2. Ensure the good quality of scan, so that writing becomes clear and understandable. Use dark ink pen or ball point so that quality of scan remains good.
  3. Scan one page per sheet rather than scanning 2 pages on one sheet.
  4. Recheck the quality of scan, ensure that all pages are readable, completely scanned with no missing content.
  5. Enter student’s and tutor’s credentials on 1st page of assignment.
  6. Remember that assignment is written by yourself as multiple handwritings will make you liable of failing in assignment.
  • In addition to the above instruction, follow the guidelines mentioned in the questionnaire too.

Instructions for Students for Attempting/Submission of Assignments on LMS

How To Get Grace Marks in Assignments

I know every student of AIOU always expect grace marks in assignment but he/she don’t write the outstanding assignment and just write a draft type solve assignment. Please read the following guidelines to get 90+ marks in every assignment;

  • Fill your AIOU Assignment Parat (Marks Form) completely with neat and good writing style
  • Presentation of Assignment is very important, Put a unique view of assignment
  • Answer of each question explain in details with graphical representation
  • Style of writing is always the key of success
  • Always draw margin line with colourful marker and don’t write outside the margin
  • Fill separate Parat for each Assignment
  • Before writing any answer please use the criteria “ANS-Q.No 1
  • Solve the question with relevant answer and don’t write any irrelevant data
  • Don’t become an over-smart by giving same answer of different question because it gives negative effect on overall assignment marks

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